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Commercial success is our specialty, and we've got you covered. From seamless project services to worry-free maintenance, our team ensures your electrical systems are kept up and running effortlessly. 


Project Services

Capstone Electrical specialises in a diverse range of electrical project services, including:

  • Commercial Fitouts: Electrical installations tailored to meet the specific requirements of commercial spaces.

  • Renovation and Retrofitting: Upgrading and adapting electrical systems to meet evolving needs in renovated spaces.

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Implementing energy-saving solutions and upgrades for sustainability.

  • Industrial Electrical Projects: Specialised electrical services for industrial facilities, including machinery wiring and automation.

  • Retail Fitouts & Alterations: New or alterations to the retail sector.


Custom Lighting Solutions 

We partner with some of Australia's leading lighting suppliers to assist in crafting custom lighting solutions to enhance aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality. Here are some examples:


  • Architectural Lighting: Highlighting the design features of a space with strategically placed lighting fixtures.

  • LED Strip Lighting: Versatile and energy-efficient lighting strips for accentuating architectural elements.

  • Smart Lighting Control: Integrating smart technology for remote control and automation of lighting systems.
  • Task Lighting: Targeted illumination for specific work areas or activities, ensuring optimal visibility.

  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting: Enhancing outdoor spaces with carefully designed lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Custom Fixture Designs: Crafting unique light fixtures that align with the theme and style of the space no matter the shape, style and design.

These custom lighting solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Trusted Brands

Quality and reliability is paramount in the electrical industry. We install trusted brands for every project. 

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