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Commercial success is our specialty, and we've got you covered. From seamless project services to worry-free maintenance, our team ensures your electrical systems are kept up and running effortlessly. 


Maintenance Services


Preventative Maintenance

Capstone Electrical offers a range of preventative electrical maintenance services which contribute to the longevity and safety of your electrical systems, minimizing downtime and potential risks. PPM's including:


  • Regular Inspections: Scheduled inspections to identify potential issues before they become problems.

  • Thermal Imaging: Detecting potential faults by using thermal imaging to identify overheating components.

  • Testing and Tagging: Ensuring compliance and safety by testing and tagging electrical appliances & equipment.

  • RCD Injection Testing: Simulates leakage current through the residual current devices to ensure they trip to standards.

  • Cleaning and Lubrication: Maintenance of electrical components to prevent dust accumulation and ensure smooth operation.

  • Tightening Connections: Checking and tightening electrical connections to prevent loose or damaged wiring.

Reactive Maintenance

Capstone Electrical provides responsive and effective reactive electrical maintenance services. The reactive services are designed to swiftly address unexpected electrical issues, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the integrity of your electrical systems;

  • Emergency Repairs: Swift response and resolution to unexpected electrical issues to minimise downtime.


  • Fault Diagnosis: Quick identification and troubleshooting of electrical faults for timely repairs.

  • Component Replacement: Replacement of faulty components to restore system functionality.

  • Circuit Breaker Tripping Resolution: Investigating and addressing circuit breaker tripping issues to prevent disruptions.

  • Power Outage Recovery: Rapid restoration of power in the event of an unexpected outage.

  • Wiring Repairs: Efficient repairs of damaged or faulty wiring to ensure safety and reliability.

  • Electrical System Overloads: Addressing and resolving issues related to electrical system overloads.


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